Harpo Speaks!

04 Sep

“Harpo Speaks!” is the wonderfully engaging and funny autobiography. It is simple, and yet so poignant story of Harpo Marx, the great mime and comic, who lived from 1888 to 1964. Harpo was an affectionate, friendly man; one of the immortalized Marx Brothers, who made fantastic comedies from 1921-1949. Harpo was portrayed as a hilarious, childlike, loving mime, always chasing women and playing the harp. This autobiography recounts Harpo’s life–from his tough childhood to his days as a member of the Algonquin Round Table to his marriage to Susan Fleming. It is playfully written, with sharp proffesional assist by Rowland Barber. Harpo Marx may not have been an intellect, but he was brilliant nonetheless!

Warning: Harpo had a more-than-difficult childhood. Everyone around him was racist because he was a Jew. He quotes a few racist expressions in his autobiography.  He was bullied and forced to go out on the streets. This book also contains some adult themes. I wouldn’t recommend this book if you are under 15 or so. You may want to watch a Marx Brothers movie or two and research Harpo before reading “Harpo Speaks!” THIS IS A WONDERFUL BOOK!

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