27 Sep

People have often asked me why I like Shakespeare so much.

Shakespeare is arguably the worlds greatest writer. The way that the English-man could play with language, syntax, and coin words is unbelievable. But, to me, the most incredible thing about Shakespeare’s works are the emotions and characters conveyed, as well of the themes shown. In one play, you could see two innocent, star crossed lovers to a bawdy, proud man, a passionate, intellectual anti-hero to a lecherous, scheming adulterer. King Lear could open your eyes and teach you to see, not be blind. Romeo and Juliet could teach you to love.  The quote written above, “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players,” is one of the more famous, but timeless quotes by Shakespeare. Such a true and honest quote is hard to find. Physically we mature, going from a crying baby to a learning child at school, to a married person sustaining his/her family, to a wise, old man. However, emotionally, we play the parts of a lover, a liar, a dreamer, a mourner, an innocent, a bystander, a villain, and hopefully, a hero. Shakespeare was clearly superior to those around him. He was amazingly “in-tune” to others emotions, and truly had a gift for expressing through his words. To understand man, and all his emotions, you need to read Shakespeare. He truly set the stage for us to play in.

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