Naked Bunyip Dancing

04 Oct

My English teacher recommends a lot of books for me to read. Some of them are serious, some are more light and humorous. Naked Bunyip* Dancing by Steven Herrick is one of the more humorous ones.

You might be thinking something along these lines: “Wow, this sounds like the most random book I’ve ever heard of, talked about on a blog by a crazy person who’s obsessed with Shakespeare and the Marx Brothers. I want to/don’t want to read this book. It sounds strange.”

And, yes, it is strange. Here our characters are, in the classroom 6C, with what seems like the craziest teacher on earth. Mr. Carey is a hippie-like, poetry and Bob Dylan loving, wacky teacher. He doesn’t seem to teach the 3 R’s (reading, ‘riting, and ‘rithmatic), but teaches his class something more important–who they are as people and their true interests. With a fantastic concert that is going to change their lives, the children in 6C, together, have a wonderful coming of age in Naked Bunyip Dancing.

Wow! This was a fun-filled, humorous story that filled my mind and smile. Hilarious! The writing style and perspective were really interesting!

*A bunyip is a creature from Australian Aboriginal mythology.

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