Old School/Old Soul

09 Oct

Yes, I admit it. I have to get out of the 1900’s. And the 1500’s. Boy, I’m a old soul by all accounts. I know nothing about Justin Bieber. Or Lady Gaga. Or any other pop singers/movie stars/entertainment people.

Well, what do I know? When I comes to entertainment in the 20th century and older, I know a lot. I love the Marx Brothers, Charlie Chaplin, Abbot and Costello, the Three Stooges (which I do not like half as much as other things on this list), even I Love Lucy. I love seeing those black and white movies that really make you laugh. The wit and singing and dancing and comical genius of it is amazing. Today’s comedy is mainly consisting of scatological humour, 4 letter words, etc.

When it comes to books: CLASSICS! CLASSICS! CLASSICS! These are truly the best written stories ever, with riveting plots and wonderful characters. Need I say more?

Music: I love classical music. It is just so dulcet, so lovely, so beautiful. And I love protest music. It has such meaning and soul to it. South American protest music is wonderful as well. Quilapayun, Mercedes Sosa, Victor Jara, Violetta Para… the list goes on. This music really changed the world.

In truth, I love the fact that I’m an old school person. There’s truly nothing like being curled up with a good while listening to Mozart. Or watching “A Night at the Opera.”

So, my main question is: What happened? Why did these fine arts deteriorate?

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