A Bit from Mind’s Fickle Grasp

18 Dec

This is giving some of the ending away…yes, it is a tragedy. I am actually not religious at all, but this character (one of my three MCs) is. Oh, and Delia is his daughter. For some odd reason, it will not indent how I would like it.

As the sun fell and moon rose, I collapsed. I fell on the hard concrete, writhing in pain. I should have stayed at the hospital. I should have just told Delia that I could not come. But here I was, shrouded in the cloak of night, with no one to help me.  I howled loud enough to frighten even the loudest of beasts. My bloodshot eyes bugged out. I thrashed my hands in the air, trying to hold onto something. Someone. I could not die! I had to hold on! I had to say goodbye to Delia, tell her to be brave. I had to apologize once more. I could not die, helpless on the concrete! I reached up again, trying to grasp a pole, a tree, something. And when a warm arm, a person, grabbed me and pulled me up, I could not help but weep. Through the flood of tears in my eyes, I saw the person who helped me. Tommy.
His brown eyes sparkled as he feigned happiness. He brought me to the water, to a soft patch of grass alongside the lake in Lithia Park. I shook as I tried to stand, to walk. But I was trying to prevent the inevitable. I knew I was to die minutes later.
“Delia. Take me to Delia.” I choked in a raspy voice.
I stumbled, falling to the ground. I could not miss the opening! I imagined my seat, empty. What would Delia think? By God, I was sure it would break the poor girl’s heart. I could not do this to her! I had to go!
And as I looked up to the twinkling stars on a black, dreary canvas, I saw her.
Delia’s eyes. They seemed to shine brighter than any star. “I love you, papa. Goodbye, father…” A voice rang out from the trees, floating in the wind. “Goodbye.”
I grabbed the sky, reached for my daughter. I said a final prayer for Delia.
“God have mercy on my soul! God have mercy on my daugt–”
My body fell to the ground, my eyes closed for eternity. And, for the first time in my entire life, I was completely at peace.

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