I am writing this blog to express myself through writing and so that others can see my views and the way I think. As I said before, I love to read. Reading classic stories is a dying art. Nobody seems to enjoy it anymore, and I truly want people to. I hope you feel inspired by my book reviews to read these books. Please feel free to comment on any posts– I’d like to see if you liked it, agreed/disagreed, if you have a question, concerns, etc. On this blog I will post things I write, book reviews, current events/news and my thoughts on the article, things I draw, funny jokes, videos, and other random things as I see fit.


Edit April 22:

I abandoned this blog.

Completely abandoned it.

The number of blog views dwindled down slowly. I have been told that I haven’t posted for a while. I know that.

I haven’t posted since late January.


And it kills me.

No, I haven’t fallen off the face of the Earth. No, I didn’t suddenly drop dead, not telling anyone (as you all probably know).That’s not why I abandoned this. I deserted the blog because it wasn’t going anywhere. I wasn’t going anywhere. The blog was flat on it’s back, I though, and there was no point of continuing it. And maybe I was right to leave then. But I probably wasn’t.

But there was a point. This blog isn’t gonna be just a book blog, or a political blog, or any other kind of blog. This blog will be a little bit of everything. That’s why it’s “The Ramblings and Rantings of…Me.” And no, I won’t be writing every day. I’ll try, if I can.

Yeah, I’ve thought about my blog. I’ve thought for a while of restarting and remodeling it, and now I’m finally, FINALLY, getting my act together and writing this freaking blog post. Now I’m writing it.

It feels so great to be back.


This time, I’m here to stay.


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