Sorry for the unfinished post.

I started watching Twilight Zone.

So I just abandoned it.

Freakiest Zone that I’ve seen. Even more scary than Talking Tina.



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Victor Jara

If you know who he is (WITHOUT LOOKING IT UP) I’ll give you a cookie. No, two cookies. No, a batch of cookies. And I’ll be your best friend.

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Solo voy a hablar en Español ahora.

Necesito practicar mi Español para un examen, y habia el idea que podia blog en la lengua tambien. Pues, puedes ayudar me y hablar (o escribir, en este caso) en Español en la caja para commentarias? Puedes usar el Traductor de Google para traducir este entrada de mi blog (Español a Ingles) o traducir algo que es Ingles a algo Español.

Yo se que no soy eloquente o exacta en escribiendo en Español, y necesito mucha practica para el examen.


Como estan?

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Adele is probably the only modern singer that I enjoy listening to. Why do I like Adele so much? Hmmmm…


2) She’s a real person, not an anorexic, meat-dress-wearing *coughladygagacough*, let’s-make-crappy-but-catchy-lyrics and dance-half-naked kind of singer. She’s a real person, with major talent, who can stand up on a stage with a piano and bring everyone to tears.

3) SHE HAS A FREAKING AMAZING VOICE. I needed to repeat that one.

Rolling in the Deep:

Set Fire to the Rain:

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Nabu mentioned “TIME”

The song:

The magazine:

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Now that (some) of the spamming has subsided (but not really)…

I will have another bloggie postie. But I’m not going to talk about The Desert because that brought on a lot of spam. Boo spam! BOOOOOOOOOO!

Here, by the way, is an amazingly sweet quote:

And another Winnie the Pooh quote: If we live to be 100, I want to be 100 minus one day so I don’t have to live without you.

Disney's adaptation of Stephen Slesinger, Inc....

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And people wonder why I love Winnie the Pooh.


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Today is May 1st.

Which means that Script Frenzy is over.

It also means May Day. It is Labour Day in pretty much all countries but the USA. I’m wearing a pink band around my arm today.

Oh, and here’s some John Lennon for you. (Note: The first video uses the F-word, so…)

Working Class Hero


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